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What usually catches the attention of people in every building or establishment is the interior design. Homeowners, business owners and landlords invest money and time choosing the right design and decoration that suits their property. Some choose to have unique and grand themes, and some go for neat and classic. Aside from prioritising the look of the property, the most important thing that homeowners, business owners and landlords should always consider is the safety and durability of their property.

Slip Resistant Floor Tiles and Accessories

Floor safety is one of the most important safety regulations that should be practiced in all properties. Flooring is the most basic element to consider in building a safe home or establishment. Nowadays, there are a lot of tiles, materials and accessories in the market that are slip resistant and very safe to use. You may be wondering why floor safety is important and why this should be considered in every building project, let me give you a few reasons.

Slip and Fall Risk Areas

Slip and fall injuries are very common accidents that take place inside a building or establishment. Business owners and landlords can incur some unwanted costs if an accident happens within their property due to poor and unsafe flooring. Even in homes, slip and trip injuries can cost a lot especially when the injuries are serious. It’s important to have a slip and fall risk assessment of your property especially in areas that are prone to accidents like stairways and bathrooms.

Worker Safety

Safe and proper flooring can help increase business productivity. Having non slip flooring enables workers to do their job continuously and comfortably without having to limit their movements due to the risk of slipping or tripping. Imagine having only few workers show up due to a slip injury, business productivity will likely suffer. A happy and safe environment creates a positive effect on the business production.

Occupational Health and Safety Standards

Occupational health and safety laws and regulations compliance is also another reason why all properties should pass safety standards and tests. There are laws placed in every country that involves any occupational hazards. For example, in Australia, there are certain safety standards from Work Health Safety that should be met in every facility to mitigate occupational hazards. Failure to do so may require monetary sanctions and punishments.

If you are a business owner, a landlord or an employer, make sure to prioritise and comply with the safety regulations imposed in your country. Make sure to check if you have non slip surfaces or slip resistant flooring to avoid slip and trip accidents within your property. The last thing you want is an unwanted additional cost from non-compliance fines and hospital costs for injured employees.