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Slip Management

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Slip Check is the first accredited inspection body accredited to evaluate pedestrian surfaces, verify designs and develop management plans. The only slip resistance testing organisation to provide a NATA endorsed report to determine compliance with the Building Codes and Standards Australia Handbook 197 & 198.

Ensure a Safe Environment

For more information on noise testing or management please contact one of Safe Environments Occupational Hygienists or Noise Consultants located in the following Australian cities:

Melbourne & Victoria

Unit 25, 1 Millers Rd Brooklyn VIC 3012 Australia


03 9604 0700

NSW - Sydney, Newcastle & Wollongong

Unit 4, 40 Bessemer Street, Blacktown NSW 2148


02 9621 3706

Importance of Slip Testing

  • Call us today, whether you require independent slip testing services to provide a slip resistance rating for your tiles, stone, timber or vinyl; a test report for the floor you clean, as part of your cleaning contract; testing for compliance with building codes, or require an expert to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your court case for litigation.
  • We can help with all aspects including regular slip tests for property & facility managers as well as verifying the anti-slip treatments undertaken by companies to assist in reducing your risk.