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Is it really necessary to undergo slip resistance testing?

Many building owners and institutions have asked themselves this very same question, and in the face of strict budgets and numerous spending priorities, something like slip testing can seem unimportant. Some may think that just because a slipping accident has never happened before, then it’s unlikely to ever happen. Others simply deem it unecessary, thinking that putting a few mats around is enough to keep accidents from happening.

The truth however, is that the major type of accident to occur in public places and work environments is falls due to slippery floors. And these types of accidents can cause more than just a bump and a bruise– some can lead to a debilitating injury, and can even be fatal. This is why slip resistance of floors must not be taken for granted. Slip testing especially in high traffic areas must be made a priority by building owners and institutions.

Not Just Any Type of Testing

Now you may think that slip testing is easy and can be done in-house, but it definitely is not. Independent slip testing services are incredibly thorough, using certified methods and instruments, and carried out by qualified professional testers. These tests involve looking at every aspect that can contribute to the slippery conditions of floors: from materials, construction and maintenance through to contaminants, environmental conditions and floor design. Many of these factors are under the control of building owners and managers, so the responsibility for any untoward accidents caused by these factors will most likely rest squarely upon their shoulders. This further stresses the importance of having a slip test done.

Independent slip testing services ensure that results are unbiased and genuine. With in-house testing chances are results could be inaccurate or adjusted in favour of the building owner’s wishes. Independent slip testing however, provides precise results with the sole goal of ensuring the safety of a floor surface. These professional services are so thorough and reliable that they can even be used in legal proceedings. Given the potential for costly legal claims should slipping accidents occur, it really is a wise decision to conduct independent slip testing.

The Difference with Professional Slip Testing

Professional slip testing can involve several different tests and investigations. These tests could include a dry floor friction test, a wet pendulum slip test, barefoot ramp test and oil wet ramp test. Floors can also be slip tested in various stages of wear, a crucial consideration especially for high traffic areas.

With professional slip test results you have the proof you need to protect yourself against false claims, as well as accurate information to guide you on what you should do to make

your premises much safer for pedestrians. But in order to be reliable, your slip testing services must come from professional testers with certifications and years of experience.

When it comes to slip resistance inspection services, Safe Environments is the company you can trust. We are the first inspection body accredited to evaluate pedestrian surfaces, verify designs and develop management plans. We are also the only slip resistance testing organisation to provide NATA endorsed reports. We are a Registered Testing Authority (RTA) with several accreditations and years of experience on our belts. You can rest assured that with Safe Environments, you can achieve better, safer floor spaces with the most accurate and comprehensive slip testing results. Get in touch with us now to know more.