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If you are looking into building your own home or acquiring commercial spaces, the most important thing to consider in finishing the area is to have safe flooring. There are a lot of different flooring materials available in the market and it can be overwhelming to choose which material is better than the other. To start with, always choose a non slip flooring material. Falls and slips are most common injuries caused by poor flooring material. There are different non slip floor materials that you can choose from, here are three types that are commonly used in the market.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is the most common material used in flooring. This type of flooring is widely used all over the world because it is budget-friendly, low maintenance and durable. Another advantage of using vinyl as flooring is that it is designed to be slip-resistant. Vinyl flooring also is a good aesthetic material since there are vinyl floorings that look like tiles, wood, etc. Although it may not be the best non-slip material, it is certainly a good option because of its rubber-like non slip surface.

Porcelain Tile or Ceramic Tile

Both tiles are very similar in appearance because both are made of clay, sand and water. However, porcelain tile is denser and heavier than the ceramic tile. Both tiles are known to be good in dry and wet areas. They are also known for its durability and smooth surface. However, the type of tile that creates a smooth surface is not highly recommended for safety purposes. If you want a non slip material, porcelain and ceramic tiles come in different styles and textures, always go for the classic tile which does not have glaze to make it safer and slip resistant.

Hardwood and Bamboo Flooring

Wood is a common choice in residential homes. It creates a relaxing ambiance and it looks good on the surface. Although bamboo flooring is not made of wood since it is made of grass, it is still classified as a form of wood flooring. Wood flooring is a more expensive option because of its wood material. Hardwood floors are naturally not slippery because of its wood surface. However, bamboo flooring is a better option for non-slip material since it can absorb moisture very well. There are also different finishes available for hardwood and bamboo flooring, you may choose a non slip lacquer finish for your flooring to make it safer and more non-slip.

Although there is no flooring choice that is completely or entirely non slip, there are test methods and standards that determine the slip resistance of a material. For example, if you are anywhere in Australia, Safe Environments offer a floor slip test service to verify the product performance of your flooring material. This can help you assess liability and risk especially in a commercial setting. Knowing the right material for your non slip flooring can help you reduce possible slip and fall incidents. Safe Environments offer various services anywhere in Australia, so make sure to have your floor tested and assessed before opening it to the public. For more information, contact Safe Environments at 0416 224 460 or email them at