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n flooring and risk assessment, a slip test is carried out by architects and flooring professionals. To select the slip test method to use, it’s best to evaluate the reason for such test.

Ramp testing is a familiar method in slip test industries. Categorised as an off-site activity, testing the ramp means the slip resistance of the sample flooring material is tested in a laboratory set-up.

Types of ramp testing:

  1. Shod Ramp Test requires the staff to wear safety clothing while the resistance is tested on a contaminated floor surface.
  2. Barefoot Test uses water on the floor surface while the staff is barefoot.

How does it work?

In both tests, a “ramp” is covered with the flooring of choice. The ramp is inclined at a certain ramp gradient or angle. Both workers (whether for shod and barefoot) walk backwards and forwards on the flooring sample while increasing the angle of the ramp until they slip. The Coefficient of Friction (CoF) is then carried out at slip resistance ratings based on the degree of inclination of the ramp during the slip.

These methods become an ideal comparative testing to gather information on how contaminants and flooring will perform with the staff’s footwear.

What are the advantages?

Ramp testing is a reliable way to determine the slip resistance characteristics of the flooring when a specific shoe heel or sole type is associated with the contaminant. It can assess the specific shoe and pattern to be used on the exact flooring type. If a diesel industry is to assess floor slip performance, a non-slip shoe can be used in the specific area with the diesel contaminant. Through a ramp test, the specific friction is determined. It’s important, however, to know how the flooring will be used.

Comparing it to another slip test method, the pendulum testing is carried out as a routine risk assessment, called as “on-site.” This means this test is ideal for testing already laid-out or existing flooring in your premises. Pendulum testing utilises the rubber material to meet the properties of general footwear. To know more about pendulum testing and other slip tests, you can check slip resistance methods and classifications here.

It’s important to choose the testing method relevant to your business. Whether it’s in a public setting, or in an industrial environment, choose the testing method that represents your needs. Still looking for more information about ramp testing? Talk to a professional today.